3D Enlarge Screeno Magnifier HD Video For Smartphones

9,000.00 4,500.00

  • key features
  • magnifies screen 3x hd screen light weight suitable for all mobile phone durable
  • requires no power supply
  • energy efficient and environment-friendly can be used as a magnifying glass compatible with android and iphone devices suitable for elderly size: 18 * 12cm (lenght x width)
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This smart phone magnifier – 3d bracket and enlarge stand helps magnify your phone screen between 7-8inch display so as to reduce your eyes fatigue while watching videos on your mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. With this product, you will greatly enjoy watching movies and videos. Its folding design, the small size makes it a convenient carry along accessory on business travels. Very useful for the elderly with eye defects. Smartphone foldable screen magnifier adopts french fresnel optics technology enlarged phone screen for 3 times powerful 3d effect foldable simple, light, small and portable suitable for all mobile phone and occasions